PCC Ride Classifications


Keep in mind that the paces listed below are the average miles per hour that the rider's computer registers at the end of your ride. Note that average does not mean how fast you ride on a flat road, like Bodega Avenue. Even if you find yourself riding 15–20 mph on a flat road, your average speed at the end of your ride could still be only 12 mph. 


Leader vs. Show & Go

  • LEADER–LED RIDES As the name suggests, these are rides with a set route determined by the leader.  Typically these rides will be include a Ride With GPS route that is posted on the PCC website and also emailed in advance of the ride via the club's listserv.

  • SHOW & GO The length and route are determined by mutual agreement of those who show up by the start time.  Most routes include a stop at a coffee shop or bakery. 

Pace Descriptions


  • (A) EASY (average 8–11 mph.) These rides regroup frequently and are at an easy conversational pace. (These are often, but not always, shorter rides of 1–2 hours, often oriented to novice riders.)

  • (AB) EASY–MODERATE (average 11–14 mph.) “AB” rides are typically 2–3 hours covering 20–30 miles. This is not a novice ride group; cyclists are familiar with group riding and can keep the average pace. Regroups are usual, but at the discretion of the ride leader. Often a bakery stop in the middle, but not always. 


  • (B) MODERATE (average 12–14 mph.) "B" rides are typically 2–4 hours covering 30–50 miles. Regroups are usual, but at the discretion of the ride leader. Often a bakery stop in the middle, but not always. 


  • (C) FAST (average 15+ mph.) These rides are for experienced riders and may require pace-line skills. Regrouping is at the discretion of the ride leader and will be less frequent.  


Terrain Descriptions


  • (1) MOSTLY FLAT: Mostly flat roads with possible gentle upgrades. Examples: Stony Point Road, Petaluma Hill Road, Old Redwood Hwy.


  • (2) ROLLING, easy grades: Climbs are short and not too numerous. Examples: Chileno Valley Road passing Helen Putnam Park, Hwy 1 between Marshall and Tomales.


  • (3) SOME HILLS: A few steeper hills, moderate sustained grades and/or longer gentle climbs. Examples: Spring Hill Road, Graton Road, Chalk Hill Road.


  • (4) HILLY: Lots of climbing and descending. Steeper and/or sustained climbs over 9% likely. Examples: Pressley Road, Sonoma Mountain Road, Burnside Road, Marshall "Wall" (Marshall-Petaluma Road), Franklin School Road.


  • (5) MOUNTAINS: Only for those very sure of their ability to climb any grade, any length at the stated pace. Examples: Pine Flat Road, Geysers Road, Cavedale Road, Trinity Road, King Ridge Road.

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